Cryptoeconomics Asia is an independent research firm aiming to provide insights into the economic and political impacts of the emerging cryptocurrency industry.

What we do

Crypto Analysis

We provide support for further research on both new and existing cryptocurrencies in the market.


In addition to providing support, we conduct our own research and analysis on cryptocurrency trends that are occuring right now.


We create independent articles regarding developments in the cryptocurrency sector, and the potential political and economic impact of such developments.


Along with our partners, we provide ratings such as our Government Policy Index to provide the reader with information to allow the reader to make informed decisions when involving the crypto market.


Trends of Hashrates

Bitcoin mining has been skyrocketing recently, this article analyzes hashrate trends in addition to effects hashrate has on prices and the cryptoeconomy.

Crypto Macroeconomic Perspectives

Many are aware of cryptocurrencies' ever-rising fame and popularity as a store of value/medium of exchange [contested by critics]. There are however three major upcoming events that will shape the…