Cryptoeconomics Government Series

Introduction to the Cryptoeconomics Asia Government Series

What is the rationale for a Cryptoeconomics Asia Government Series?

On the 13th of September 2017, Jamie Dimon the CEO of JPMorgan called Bitcoin a fraud. Anyone could tell he didn’t know anything about blockchain. The Bitcoin of 2017 is anything I daresay EVERYTHING ELSE but a fraud.


Bitcoin in 2017 is slow, it takes 20 minutes to get confirmations on transactions whereas it takes 1 second for payment systems such as Mastercard, Visa, Cirrus to process debit/credit functions at merchants.

It possibly is in a bubble, given that prices are rising so rapidly it isn’t too much to claim that it is in a bubble. Though I would point at the total market capitalization of all 700 Cryptocurrencies traded on exchanges and say that it isn’t even close to matching the bubble that’s occurring in the US auto industry at the moment.

Institutional Cryptoeconomics perspective: But the fact that Bitcoin operates on a blockchain framework that propagates open ledger is the reason why Bitcoin is so robust and that’s the reason it is everything but a fraud. For my government official readers that haven’t heard of ” Open Ledger” simply do on.

The chief of one of the world’s largest banks didn’t know about blockchain frameworks. And embarrassed himself in front of million of readers. Government executives simply do not have time to learn about machine learning, Bitcoin, crypto currencies, Cryptoeconomics and all the lot. On to of that, it seems that technology is simply growing increasingly complex every day.

The role of Cryptoeconomics Asia’s Government program is simple. We are here to combat the lack of time of Government officials in general.

Rigorous Information

Cryptoeconomics Asia GOVERNMENT Series will adhere to the following standards above current editorial standards of Cryptoeconomics Asia. When standards are in conflict, the more stringent rule will apply.

  • Provide quick and immediate answers to questions that administrators will have
  • Bipartisan, and does not subscribe to any political affiliation
  • Will not be bullish or anti cryptocurrency (This statue is extremely important as the removal of bias is key for governance factors)
  • Seeks to help, assist, and update government officials and key decision makers in leadership positions on current blockchain developments

“The rights of persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of which Government was instituted.”

– Joey Lawsin

Cryptoeconomics Asia has two concurrent topics at the moment. Firstly, the micro cryptoeconomics series which is targetted for general readers who wish to understand current developments in the blockchain framework. Secondly, the government/governance series which are geared towards civil administrators and holders of public office.

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